Congratulations to Lydia Bauchope from Graceland Nursing Home

Congratulations to Lydia Bauchope from Graceland Nursing Home

Congratulations to one of our Modern Apprentices from Graceland Nursing Home, Lydia, who has recently completed the Social Services and Healthcare Level 2 SVQ.

Lydia decided to study for the SVQ both for purposes of registration with the SSSC and also for her own personal development, as the subject is something she is interested in she likes to learn. 

Lydia said she really enjoyed doing the qualification and found it really interesting but admitted she found it difficult at times.  She said,

“I hadn’t studied for a long time, my computer skills were poor and I found it difficult to motivate myself and get the work done.  I was terrible for leaving everything until the last minute and was very disorganised! But I got there in the end, and my SVQ Assessor Agnes was a great help.”

Lydia went on to say,

“I honestly couldn’t have completed this qualification without her continual support and encouragement.  She was always there at the end of the phone or email to offer advice and support. She helped motivate me and gave me loads of assistance, she was so patient with me, I am very grateful for all her help!”

Lydia added that she found the qualification interesting, especially learning about the make-up of the skin and the whole biology side of the qualification, which she had never done before.

“I learned so much, about how pressure sores form, and learning about the ways we can help to prevent them and so on.  I learned so much and I think that reflecting on my practice has made me a better care assistant.”

Lydia added that she would definitely like to study for the Level 3 SVQ in the future if the opportunity arises.

Agnes Lennon, Lydia’s Assessor said,

“Lydia worked hard to achieve her SVQ despite the difficulties faced during the pandemic. She was eager to learn new skills and knowledge, and followed any guidance and support offered, Well done Lydia, you deserve it!”

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