RT Resources commits to the Young Persons Guarantee

RT Resources commits to the Young Persons Guarantee

RT Resources are proud to announce their commitment to the Young Persons Guarantee. 

The Young Person’s Guarantee is a joint commitment to provide opportunities for all 16-24 year olds in Scotland through jobs, apprenticeships, further and higher education, training programmes and volunteering.

RT Resources are a private training partner based in Ayr, and specialise in delivery of Modern Apprenticeships in Health & Social Care, Children & Young People, Business & Management, Glass & Glazing and Construction. 

We are highly committed to ensuring that all our candidates achieve the qualifications they have embarked on.    We have recently completed the Needs Assessment Training with Skills Development Scotland and have formalised our Needs Assessment policy to ensure that all candidates are assessed for any additional support needs as we are aware that not all barriers to achievement of the qualification are divulged by the apprentice during the sign-up process. 

Several years ago, we set up an excellent working partnership with Tigers Ltd to help with the workforce demand of the Glass & Glazing sector.  Tigers deliver a 12 week Employability Program in Glasgow. Six to eight weeks of this is within a work placement Monday – Thursday.  We identified several of our Glass and Glazing Employers we felt would benefit from taking part in the program.  These are employers that we know are dealing with staff shortages and we know that they are looking to hire Modern Apprentices.  At the end of the work placement period the interns can apply for a full time MA position within the company, which we in turn deliver. 

“We have found this relationship works extremely well, continues to go from strength to strength and the achievement rate of the young people is excellent with regard to their qualifications and also being kept in full time employment after completion.”

Claire McCallum, Director

RT Resources are also forging similar working relationships with other Employability programs for Young People, including WorkingRite @ CentreStage.

With the support of Ayrshire DYW, we will also be engaging with local schools to advise on opportunities and encourage more young people to consider a career in Health & Social Care, Children & Young People, Glass & Glazing and Business Administration.

“We are delighted to announce our commitment to the Young Person’s Guarantee. As an organisation, we believe that investing in young people is an investment in a successful long term future for any organisation. The Young Person’s Guarantee will make it easier for us to connect with young people.”

Elaine McCubbin, RT Resources