Core Skills???

Core Skills???

Core Skills

Why do I need to take them?

Has your Assessor mentioned to you that you need to take a Core Skills Assessment?  When undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship qualification you may also need to take separate Core Skills assessments or projects, as we prefer to call them.   Core skills are five skills that are key to learning and working in today’s world, identified by employers as the skills most likely to be needed in any work environment.

The five core skills are:

  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Problem solving
  • Working with others.

However, this doesn’t mean that every job will need people who are proficient in all five core skills.  But it does mean that every job will require some level of ability in some or all of these skills.

Who decides on Core Skills?

The Sector Skills Councils develop the Modern Apprenticeship Framework (i.e. the units that are taken) for the qualifications, and decide if the Core Skills are embedded within the MA framework. SQA then accredit this.  If they are not, Core Skills need to be assessed separately from the Units within the MA qualification you are taking.

It is not possible to complete your Modern Apprenticeship until you have completed the Core Skills required as set out in the Framework. You can check what is in the framework by visiting SDS here.

You may already have Core Skills.

It’s possible that depending on what other qualifications you have already completed you may have automatic certification.  For example, if you have National 4 Maths, you do not need to complete Core Skills in Numeracy SCQF L4 and if you have previously taken a HN unit in Computer Graphics you would not need to take Core Skill ICT SCQF Level 5.

What do I need to do?

When you register for a qualification at RT Resources we check your Core Skills Profile with SQA and then the Core Skills required for the MA and will let you know if you need to take Core Skills too. 

Core Skills are assessed using a project that you need to complete with one of our Core Skills Assessors, Elaine or Claire.  You can choose whether you would prefer to complete the projects in your own time with support via telephone or email, or if you would prefer to meet with one of them to complete the projects.  Our Numeracy Projects usually take around 45 minutes and our ICT around 30 minutes. 

If you have to take Problem Solving or Working With Others your SVQ Assessor will find evidence from your other units to meet the criteria required.  Communication is embedded within all the frameworks that RT Resources deliver.

“Oh no! I am nervous and rubbish at Maths!!!”

Core Skills is not as scary as it sounds and we can give you as much support as you need.  One of our current candidates Lynn Johnstone who has almost completed her MA in HSC Children & Young People said;

“The core skills on line course was clear in what was expected of you.  The maths element for me was fun as it showed me that maths was fun.  The media ICT skills was fun because I could relate it to the you people whom I support.  The tutor was friendly and made you feel confident in carrying out the tasks.  I enjoyed it!”

Lynn Johnson, St Mary’s Kenmure

Due to COVID restrictions at the time it suited for Lynn to carry out her projects remotely.  One of the main contributors to Lynn’s success was her “can do” attitude.  She was a bit nervous about the numeracy however she set aside some time to get them completed and stuck to it. Well done Lynn!

For more information or advice on Core Skills contact Elaine