21st Century Modern Apprenticeships for age 25 plus

21st Century Modern Apprenticeships for age 25 plus

If you are a child of the sixties, seventies or eighties, an Apprenticeship was a training scheme you could undertake when you left school. After completion you would hope your Apprenticeship led to full time, permanent employment. 

Modern Apprenticeships of the 21st Century look very different.  There are over 80 frameworks available and, most importantly, not only available to school leavers. According to Skills Development Scotland, at the turn of this year, 30% of all Modern Apprentices were aged over 25*.   

Upskill your workforce

A Modern Apprenticeship is not only of benefit in hiring new members of your team, but also upskilling your existing staff.  Taking a work based qualification naturally improves work practice. It also encourages a higher level of self esteem, and improves motivation to do well in the workplace.

The Scottish Government recognises the possible need for re-training, or a complete change of career, as, sadly, gone are the days of a job for life.  Up to the last quarter of this year, new starts for MAs in Scotland for the age 25+ group were at 45%*, whilst at RT Resources 65% of our Modern Apprentices are aged 25 +. 

Take it from one who knows;

John Tait, pictured below, is one of them.  He has recently completed Social Services and Healthcare (SCQF 7) with our SSHC Assessor, Agnes Lennon.  John works at Turning Point Scotland as a Support Worker, and supports adults with learning difficulties.

He said, “Starting the SVQ3 at my age, I thought education was behind me, but once I started it and got my head around it I found it very interesting. It was great for my day to day work practices and although I have finished it, I will be looking to further myself in the care industry, and hope to progress to SVQ4.  It has also given me a great deal of confidence.”

Well done John!

Find out more

Funding for Modern Apprentices age 25+ depends on the framework they are undertaking and the level in which they are working.  In some instances their may be a small Employer Contribution to pay. 

To find out more, check out our Employers section or our Learners section, use our Contact Form, or give us a call on 01292 290029.

*Modern Apprenticeship Statistic Report

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