Prioritising Skills and employment for Scotland’s Economic Future

Prioritising Skills and employment for Scotland’s Economic Future

STF Manifesto

RT Resources is proud to be supporting the STF (Scottish Training Federation) in its 2021 Manifesto to prioritise skills and employment for Scotland’s Economic Future.

The Scottish Government predicts that the unemployment rate could reach 7.5% by April 2021 and remain high for several years[1]. More investment in skills will pay dividends in transforming our economy to one that is built on more sustainable and fair terms [2].  Apprenticeships can offer employers and employees an effective means of up-skilling, re-skilling and increased productivity. [3]

However, Apprenticeship funding in Scotland is poor compared to the rest of the home nations. Scotland has significantly fewer Apprentices (per head of population) than England and Wales. And whereas the other home nations `fully fund’ their Apprenticeship programmes, Scotland merely provides a `contribution’ which makes them less attractive to employers.  This ‘contribution’ reduces significantly to the people of Scotland aged 20 + making them less accessible. 

By working in partnership to rebuild the economy and invest in skills development through Apprenticeships with a commitment to

  • Reset target to at least 30,000 fully funded, all age, Modern Apprenticeships by 2024
  • Establish a fund for Trainers to access to support Trainees who are at most disadvantage in the labour market.
  • Provide a fair funding model for skills trainers on a par with other home nations.

With funding streams moving from central to local government through No One Left Behind Employability support across Scotland. we can ensure we do not lose existing expertise and good practice by providing.

  • Fair commissioning; open, transparent and evidence-based linked to performance
  • Stable No One Left Behind transition arrangements which provide continuity for current EF providers; ensure good practice is retained; and disruption to service users is minimised.
  • Participants in employability and skills training programmes to have parity of esteem with further and higher education students.

[1] SDS COVID -19 Labour Market Intelligence, January 2021

[2] Scottish Government Rebuilding the Economy, February 2021

[3] OECD (2020) Strengthening Skills in Scotland

You can download a copy of the STF Manifesto here.


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