Glass Manufacturing (Level 2 & 3)

This qualification is aimed at those who undertake routine and complex activities in the glass manufacturing sector.

Level 2

Level 2 includes the receiving and batching of raw materials before they are processed, and the control of heating equipment to melt and form glass from the raw materials. This qualification is at Level 2, and should be taken by those who are fully trained to deal with routine assignments. Candidates should require minimum supervision in undertaking the job.

Level 3

At Level 3, it is not expected that candidates working in glass manufacturing all do the same activities: the qualification is structured to ensure that there is a high degree of flexibility in the qualification, although there are common units in the mandatory section of the qualification. The standard covers the most important aspects of the job. This qualification is at Level 3, and should be taken by those who are experienced glass makers. Candidates will often take a supervisory role, particularly in relation to less-experienced workers.

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