Fenestration Installation & Surveying (Level 3)

The Fenestration Installation SVQ has been developed specifically for the operators carrying out activities such as installing windows, doors, conservatories and curtain walling etc. to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to work safely and efficiently in the workplace.

The skills and knowledge gained can be used in a very wide range of glass installation companies so that you can transfer the skills that you learn when working with one company to another. Most importantly, this SVQ is achieved in the workplace and is based on the ongoing assessment of the new skills which you will acquire and develop through time.

At Level 3, it is not expected that installer and surveyors do the same activities: the qualification is structures to ensure that each occupation has its own group of units in a separate option group, although they both share common units in the mandatory section of the qualification. The standards cover the most important aspects of the job.

This qualification is at Level 3, and should be taken by those who are experienced installers or surveyors, capable of dealing with a wide range of problems, including working with installations that have complex requirements. Candidates will often take a technical supervisory role, particularly in relation to less experienced colleagues.

Candidates for this qualification could be assessed installing or surveying in the context of windows and doors, curtain walling, screen walling, or conservatories.

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